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The Party Monsters Entertainer Team

Party Monsters Entertainer is all about family and we treat all of our staff and clients exactly the same! Maybe you have seen the team out and about and wanted to know more about us or who your next entertainer could be? Find out more about our team below!

Matty – Children’s Entertainer & DJ

Party Monster Matty is a fantastic children’s entertainer who knows how to keep kids engaged and entertained. With his energetic personality and fun-loving spirit, he quickly becomes a hit with children of all ages. He offers a wide range of services including magic shows, balloon twisting and much more. Parents can trust that Matty will create a memorable and enjoyable experience for their children. From birthday parties to school events, Matty knows how to put on a show that will leave everyone smiling.

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Holly – Children’s Entertainer & Events

If you’re planning a baby party entertainer, consider having Party Monster Holly is  your perfect host! She’s great with kids and knows how to make the your party special. With her fun and energetic personality, Holly will lead games and activities that are perfect for babies and toddlers. Holly understands how important it is to create a memorable and stress-free event for parents and their little ones. Book her now to make your baby party an unforgettable experience!

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Lucy – Children’s Entertainer

Party Monster Lucy is a talented children’s entertainer, known for her ability to captivate young audiences with her vibrant personality and engaging performances. With years of experience under her belt, she knows exactly how to keep kids entertained and happy, using a range of skills including singing, magic, and puppetry. From birthday parties to school events, Lucy is always a hit with children and parents alike, providing a fun and memorable experience that will leave everyone smiling. For a guaranteed great time, book Lucy for your next children’s event.

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Jake – Children’s Entertainer

Jake is a fantastic children’s entertainer who will engage and delight any young audience. With his funny jokes, amazing magic tricks and silly songs, Jake will keep children entertained for hours on end. He has a natural ability to connect with kids, making each one feel special and important. Whether hosting a birthday party or a school event, Jake is always the star of the show. Kids love him and parents love the fact that he can keep the kids happy and entertained all day long. Hire Jake for your next children’s event and watch the magic happen!

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