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Upon paying your deposit to Party Monsters Entertainer your booking will be subject to the following terms and conditions


Party Monsters Entertainers rigorously adheres to stringent safety standards in all aspects of our services. Our team of freelancers are not only equipped with public liability insurance and an up-to-date DBS check but also undergo a thorough recruitment process and training regimen to ensure utmost safety measures are followed. Moreover, all electrical equipment utilized is either new or PAT tested for safety. Please be advised that for safety compliance, the presence of an additional adult throughout the duration of the entertainment is required, in addition to the entertainer. This condition is imperative to maintain the validity of our insurance coverage and ensure prompt assistance in case of unforeseen incidents. It remains the customer’s responsibility to guarantee this requirement is met during the event.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non-refundable and transferrable, except during Covid-19 where government guidelines allow for refunds. We are happy to assist in rescheduling your party within 14 days of the original booking, but canceling the booking will result in forfeiture of the deposit. Notification of cancellation must be provided in writing or via email after the deposit has been paid.

In addition to this, if, after paying your deposit, you wish to cancel the booking, we need to be informed, in writing/email.

Please observe our cancellation policy for ALL bookings, as below:

1) Cancellations made more than 6 months in advance will lose holding deposit.

2) Cancellations made less than 6 months in advance lose 25% of the total remaining fee & booking fee is lost

3) Cancellations made less than 6 weeks in advance lose 50% of the total remaining fee & booking fee is lost

4) Cancellations made less than 21 days in advance lose 100% of the total remaining fee & booking fee is lost

Should your booking be cancelled due to illness or for any other reason that would need you to delay your booking, the cancellation fees above will still apply, however, you will be able to reschedule your booking to an available date and time within two weeks of the original booking if on the weekend; or at any point within 2 months of the original booking if midweek (Mon-Thurs).

Booking Our Services

Please be advised that a booking with Party Monsters Entertainer is only considered confirmed once a deposit has been paid by card and cleared into our bank account, or the full payment has been made and cleared. Following this, a confirmation email will be sent to you acknowledging the payment and confirming the booking. For bank transfers, kindly notify us via email once the payment has been made and ensure that the deposit or full amount has successfully cleared into our account. Please note that payment via cheques is not accepted. Until you receive an email confirmation from us verifying the payment, our services are not considered booked.

Our Team Of Children’s Entertainers & Workforce

“In the event that the entertainer or services booked are unable to attend due to circumstances beyond our control, a suitable replacement will be provided. If a replacement cannot be arranged, a full refund of the deposit will be issued. Exceptions to this policy include instances where the client is unable to proceed with the booking or situations involving government restrictions, pandemics, public protests, or acts of god. In such cases, efforts will be made to accommodate deposit transfers to future dates or services but deposits will be non-refundable if the client decides to cancel. Additionally, we retain the right to refuse or cancel bookings if there are concerns about client behavior potentially endangering staff or causing discomfort.”


Unless you have already paid the balance in full, the remaining balance for the entertainment of service must always be paid in cash on the day to the entertainer(s)/staff.

The remaining balance for a booking is payable to the entertainer(s) on the day in cash immediately after the party entertainment is completed. Please note staff cannot accept discount vouchers & cheques.

Payment is requested straight after the entertainment is completed. We regret that the entertainer cannot be asked to wait for payment as they may have to leave straight away to get to another booking. If the entertainer is made to wait for payment longer than 10 minutes after they were booked to finish the entertainment, an additional fee of £15 is applicable and must be paid to the entertainer on the day of the party. Additional fees of £15 will be applied, for every 10 minutes extra the entertainer has to wait for payment. The entertainer cannot wait longer than 30 minutes for payment.

If the entertainer/staff is unable to wait for payment due to other commitments, or you do not have the means to pay the entertainer/staff then the payment will be processed using your deposit card plus an additional fee of £30.


Please note Party Monsters Entertainer does not take responsibility for children causing damage to a venue or any property that the party is held in. This includes, but is not limited to a home, hired venue or public area.

Please note that all of our party packages are appropriate to the age of the children outlined on our website. You should be aware that the activities will not be appropriate for children outside the specified age range. If you have younger children attending the party we would ask that you please ensure that either the parent or an adult supervisor is there to look after them and prevent them from disrupting the show.

By booking a party with Party Monsters Entertainer you understand that you release us from any liability associated with accidents of any kind. This includes but is not limited to accidents occurring to any adults or children. You also release Party Monsters Entertainer from any liability associated with accidents or damage caused to furniture, fixtures or fitting or property of any kind not belonging to that of Party Monsters Entertainer.

In the unlikely event that refunds or compensation is requested, you accept that any refunds or compensation given, will be limited to the total value of the cost of hiring our services.

If parties are held anywhere other than your home, we will assume that you have either hired the hall or had permission to use the space, and have deemed the space suitable and safe to use for the types of activities being provided by Party Monsters Entertainer.
Please note that, although it is extremely unlikely to happen, we reserve the right to cancel a party at any time, either before or during the party. This may include, but is not limited to, cancelling a party if we deem the venue to be unsuitable or if we feel that there are circumstances present of any kind that would be unsuitable to run a party.
All parties are exclusive to Party Monsters Entertainer and all material is copyrighted and the property of Party Monsters Entertainer.

Every effort is made to ensure that your entertainer arrives at the given time. Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for circumstances beyond our control.

What we need to conduct the entertainment:

Please note that with all our parties should a entertainer require a table this must be provided. Usually a trestle table (about 6ft long) is the best type of table. If your party is in a venue then usually this will be available but please do ensure that one is available or we may not be able to do the party.

We will need access to electricity. Usually, if the party is indoors this will be no problem. If your party is outside we would ask you to ensure there is access to electricity. If you are using extension cables/leads for outside then please ensure the cables are running along completely dry ground and they are not in contact with any wet or damp surfaces.

We cannot be responsible for not being able to provide activities that require electricity, due to power failures or tripped circuits at the venue we are operating in.

During the party, the customer must ensure at least 1 adult is present in the same room for the entire duration of the entertainment. This is in case accidents should occur or children need to go to the toilet. We regret, for safety reasons, we cannot conduct the entertainment unless at least one adult is present in the room the entire time.

During our parties, we ask that no food or drink is provided during the actual entertainment that might distract children from the entertainment whilst it is happening. E.g. buffet food out on a table for children to access.

It is the responsibility of the client to inform us of any changes of venue as soon as possible in writing/email.

It is imperative, for the smooth running of your party, that the following rules are observed:

A parking space is available at your chosen venue.for the Entertainer/DJ
The entertainer is supplied with a table and power supply for his/her equipment.

If the venue is not on ground level, or is not easily accessible, please inform the office as soon as your venue is confirmed, failure to do so, may result in your party start time being delayed, or cut short.

Public Events

Please note Party Monsters Entertainer does hold many events throughout the year and with so comes this agreement should you attend the event.

Once attending an event run by the “Party Monsters Entertainer” team all images taken can be used as a public image should you use any equipment at the event or through the public sector should a photo or video be taken.

All ticket sales are final and are non-refundable or transferable unless agreed by the ticket distributer (Party Monsters Entertainer). Any ticket requests within 48 hours of a chosen event will not be granted and the ticket holder should be very careful before purchasing a ticket as we cannot accept loss for but not limited too problem bookings, duplicate bookings, non adult ticket purchases as such.

All tickets must have at least one adult ticket purchased per order and this is non negotiable.

Ultimately the ticket holder (Party Monsters Entertainer) has the final say of all decisions and that decision is final.


All equipment remains the property of Party Monsters Entertainer at all times unless stated otherwise.

Party Monsters Entertainer reserves the right to substitute hired equipment with equipment of a similar type and value without notice in the event of previous damage or loss of booked equipment.

All sizes quoted are approximate.

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the equipment is fully supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

NO persons are allowed to enter/move/ tamper with the equipment at ANY TIME without a member of the Party Monsters team present.

NO persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substance are allowed the use the equipment.

NO food, drink, gum, pets, toys and/or sharp implements are permitted inside the photo booth or cinema hire screens, including around the props and the guest book table.

Users of the equipment must remove glasses, jewellery, badges, any long necklaces, buckles or sharp objects.

Ensure equipment is not overcrowded. It is recommended a maximum number of 6 users can enter the photo booth or home cinema at one time. Limit numbers according to the age and size of guests using it. Try to avoid large guests and small children from using the equipment at the same time.

Prevent horseplay and ensure guests are not pushing, colliding, fighting or behaving in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.

NO climbing on the seats, roof or supporting poles of the photo booth, selfie pod, mirror, DJ stand, chocolate fountain, Home Cinema Systems or any equipment used by Party Monsters Entertainer.

NO silly string, streamers, party poppers or similar ink based products in or near the equipment. These such products can stain and are difficult to remove. The cost of cleaning will be charged to the client at £30 per hour plus costs. If not removable full replacement/repair costs are liable to the client. If using face paint, please ensure this is water based and easily removed with a cloth. Staining left by face paint will result in the client being invoiced for cleaning or repair.

Users are not permitted on/in the equipment during set up until the attendant(s) has agreed it is safe to use, nor are users permitted around the equipment during the time of pack down.

Keep guests clear of all electrical connections, computers, TVs and extension leads.

The client is not permitted to move the equipment from the position it is erected/set up once the attendant(s) has left the premises.

The equipment will be supplied to the client in a clean condition and it is the responsibility of the client to ensure no one uses the equipment until the attendant arrives 30 minutes before the event start time if such arrangements have been made in regards to early setup. Failure to do so will result in the company charging the client per damaged piece of equipment.

Party Monsters Entertainer reserve the right to refuse the use of the equipment to any person contravening any of the clauses above.

Although the packages include a choice of print style, passport strips come as standard(Photo Booth) or one shot (Mirror and Pod) and unless discussed with the company before the event passport strips or one shot will be used on the night.

All of our printable equipment offers unlimited prints (restricted to a fair use policy of one print per person in the photo) these extra print outs need to be asked for on the night immediately after the photo is taken.

Party Monsters Entertainer cannot and will not force guests into displaying their photos in the guestbook, and takes no responsibility for the fullness of the guestbook at the end of the agreed hire period.

Screen sizes may vary and a 42inch screen is not guaranteed.

None of the equipment supplied by Party Monsters Entertainer can be run off of a generator of any kind. Failure to inform Party Monsters Entertainer of any power directly or indirectly from a generator will result in the equipment not being set up and no refund will be given.

Audio Guestbooks are the sole responsibility of the client on hire and are treated otherwise. At the end of the hire a Audio Guestbook is left with the main contact hirer however if not found, The Audio Guestbook will be left with the next highest member of the party.

Party Monsters are not responsible if the main contact booker of the Audio Guestbook can not be found during the end hire of the audio guestbook and by accepting our terms and conditions you accept these terms of hire and party monsters are not responsible for loss of hire of the audio guestbook or any product of the audio guestbook if this is not handed to the booking client at the end. No further compensation will be paid irrespective of expenses or loss of product occurred.