Party Monsters Entertainer Christmas Prize Giveaway



Its time for a festive christmas prize giveaway and winning one of our two amazing prize packages couldn’t be easier!

What Prizes Are Up For Grabs?

We Have 2 Prizes Up for grabs for this competition which are:

Prize 1 – 2x Tickets To Jingle Bells Christmas Experience

Prize 2 – Monster Prize Bundle Which Includes ‘1x BIG Worry Monster, 1x Monster Book & 2x Squishy Monster Splat Balls’

How Can I Win One Of These Awesome Prizes?

To be in the chance of winning one of our festive prizes all you need to do is 3 simple things:

1. Go to PARTY MONSTERS ENTERTAINER Facebook Page & Like Our Page

2. Tag 3 Friends On The Post Via Our Facebook Page

3. Share The Post On Our Facebook Page

When Is The Deadline?

The deadline to enter this christmas competition is Monday 30th November where we will be announcing the Winner LIVE on Facebook at 7pm! GOOD LUCK


Rules / Terms & Conditions 

All entries must follow all 3 of the steps as listed above and any entries that have not followed these steps will not be entered until done so, once all have been done this entitles the entry 1 name to be listed on our facebook draw which will be announced on Monday 30th November 2020.

All Entries must be entered by Monday 30th November 2020 at 13:00pm, any entries after this will not be entered.

Prize 1 (‘Listed as the ‘Jingle Bells Christmas Experience’) lists 2 free tickets to one prize winner of this prize which can exists to any ticket format (Adult, Child or Toddler)  however any child ticket must be with a adult ticket. the tickets are subject to the prize winner selecting a particular time and date which is available for the session and this will ultimately be down to the discretion of the ‘Party Monsters Team’ once the session & date has been selected this will be a recommended session in which the team will try to allocate. if no session is booked after 23/12/2020 then the tickets will be void and entry lost. tickets can not be sold nor can they be passed on once the time and date has been confirmed, if found to selling these on will ultimately lose the will of the tickets and be in subject with loss of the prize(s).


Prize 2 (Listed as Monster Prize Bundle Which Includes ‘1x BIG Worry Monster, 1x Monster Book & 2x Squishy Monster Splat Balls’) Lists the prizes mentioned in the description which includes 4 prizes in total. Once the Winner has been selected the prizes will be sent via ‘Royal Mail’ and Party Monsters Entertainer will need to be supplied with an address to be send the prizes listed. The prizes will be sent and once sent will become the owner of the items (The Prize Winner) Should the item get lost in the mail ultimately these can only be replaced if Party Monsters Entertainer Team chooses to do so. prizes cannot be exchanged for other prizes or money. if no address is given after 23/12/2020 then the prizes will be void and entry lost.


By entering the above terms you are accepting these terms & conditions.

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